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Our rooms

The bedrooms for the guests are under the thatched roof on the first floor. The landing stairs splits into two. You can turn right to the French room and turn left to the Q room. This gives you the feeling to have the floor for yourself.

All rooms are spacious, and have the same facilities. We used modern beautiful materials. There are wonderful box spring beds with luxurious bedding. Due to the quiet location of the House, you can be assured of a quiet night so you are fresh in the morning to stand for a new day. The French room has the most spacious bathroom. The Q room is larger than the French room because it has the width of the entire floor (south-north). Here is a table with two chairs next to the desk which is also perfect for business use.

– Extra large room incl. private bathroom
– Box spring beds, a matrimonial or two single beds
– Private bathroom/toilet with Walkin shower, Bath, Hairdryer, Towels and Bath products
– Flat screen tv
– Free WiFi
– Comfortable armchairs and table (If you want you can enjoy breakfast here)
– Coffee and tea facilities

It’s not allowed to smoke in the house.